Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cooking Class

So our first cooking class was great fun. Or at least I hope those that attended had fun. I did. We did have a good time. We learned to cut up a chicken into 8 pieces, how to slice and dice onions and garlic. We learned about and tasted different olive oils. We learned how to use a food processor and in doing so, made Baked Pesto French Bread. The recipe is below as well as this weeks grocery bargains and recipe(s) for some of the items listed on sale.

We have some great ideas for future classes. If you have any suggestions, please email me and let me know your ideas on future classes. I suggested that in December we might want to make Gingerbread Houses. They are a little time consuming but fun to make. Below is a picture of the house I made last year. If not, we can learn to make different types of candy for gift giving during the holidays or holiday cookies and cakes. Let me know what you are interested in doing. I look forward to our next class. Remember, homework: cutting up a chicken. LOL

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