Tuesday, December 30, 2008


The Cooking Class will stay on the 2nd Thursday this month, so it is being moved back to January 8th at 7:00pm. However, it will be at Susie Demke's home. Thanks Susie!!!
See you all there.

Correction on my "MELT IN YOUR MOUTH ROLLS"

I am re-posting my recipe for the Melt in Your Mouth Rolls. Seems I forgot to add 1/2 cup of water to proof the yeast in. Sorry if this caused problems with the recipe. Here is the corrected Version:

Melt in Your Mouth Rolls
Gregg Fry

2 pkgs Yeast (I Prefer Rapid Rise) Proof in 125° ½ Cup Water
3 Eggs Beaten
½ Cups Butter (Room Temperature)
½ Cups Sugar
1 teaspoon Salt
1 Cup Sifted Flour

In a mixer beat eggs add the rest of the ingredients and beat until smooth
Add Proofed Yeast and beat until smooth

1 Cup Sifted Flour, Stir.

1 Cup Warm Milk (Temperature should be 110° – 115°), Stir

2 ½ Cups Sifted Flour, Stir

Mixture will be very gooey. You can refrigerate overnight with a cloth over it if you like, or just let rise until double.
Melt 1 stick of butter in a bowl for dipping.
Punch down and roll out to ½ thickness on to a floured surface with floured rolling pin..
Cut with 2” biscuit cutter dipped in flour to prevent from sticking.
Dip in melted butter and fold in half and place into a large shallow baking dish or pan.
Place side by side. They should lightly touch each other.
Pour any and all left over melted butter over the rolls.
Let rise until double, no more!!
Bake 15 minutes at 400° or until lightly golden brown.
Serve immediately.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


With Christmas approaching it is time to decide what to serve as Christmas Dinner. At my house our tradition is to serve Prime Rib and this is the week to buy it. It is on sale at grocery stores at over half the regular price. People often ask me about Prime Rib, where to buy it, how to prepare it and how to serve it. Let me answer a few of those questions.
When you go to the grocery store you won't find "Prime Rib." What you need to watch for is "Standing Rib Roast." It is sometimes called Ribeye Roast. Ribeye is really just steaks cut from the Rib Roast and pan fried. Why isn't it called a Prime Rib Roast when you go to the grocery store? Well, as most of you know, the USDA labels cuts of meat based on the amount of fat in each cut, Prime, Choice, Select and rarely seen Standard, with Prime being the leanest and best and Standard being the fattiest. It is extremely rare to find Prime graded meats in the grocery store. Standing Rib roasts graded as Prime are sent to restaurants and Choice and Select are sent to grocery stores. Because restaurants buy in bulk they get better pricing. If you find "Prime" Standing Rib Roast you would be looking at nearly $20.00 a lb or more. But with "Choice" which is second best or 3rd best "Select" you find much better pricing.
When selecting a roast ask for it by the number of bones in your cut for example ask for a 3 bone roast which will serve 4 - 6 depending on how you want to carve and serve it when cooked. Next ask for a cut near the "Loin End" or a "Center Cut". The loin end is less fatty and bones are slightly smaller so they weigh less, giving you better value at the weigh in.
To prepare and cook your Rib Roast you need to prepare a rub of your choice. I use only one thing, Lawry's Season Salt. I cover the entire outside of the roast top, bottom and all sides with olive oil and the seasoning salt then fresh cracked pepper. You can pour about a 1/8 - 1/4 cup of seasoning salt in a large dish and roll the roast in the salt liberally covering the entire roast. Sounds like a lot, but that is what gives the roast such a great flavor. That is what we did at Blank Angus. It is soooooo good!
Bake it at 250 degrees F. until it reaches an internal temperature of 118 degrees F. I like to use a thermal probe thermometer that beeps when it reaches the set temperature. Remove from the oven and cover with foil to let it rest. The roast will continue to cook as it rests keep the probe inserted or it will start to seep juice and dry the roast out.
Raise the temperature in the oven to 500 degrees F. When it reaches 500 put the roast back in and cook for another 10 - 15 minutes. This will give it it's rich baked color and crispy crust. Watch it closely so it won't burn. Remove from the oven.
To serve you can either cut it between the bones for large slices or I carve the bones off in one sweep with the electric knife and then carve the roast in 1/2" or 1 inch slices.
Make a brown gravy from the drippings and beef stock if you like or use Campbell's Beef Consomme Soup as an Au Jus.

Where to buy Standing Rib Roasts:

Stater Bros. $3.87 lb
Albertson's $3.77 lb
Ralph's $3.97 lb
Von's $4.99 lb

Buy extra and freeze. Save it for that special Valentine's Dinner in February.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


The next cooking class will be January 15, 2009 at 7:00 pm. It will be held at Liz Jergensen's house. Look at the menu selection below and recommend something for the class.
The recipes for the latest class will be posted here this weekend. I handed them out this time, so no rush to post them yet.
Mark your calendars for the next class!!!
See you there.

This Week's Deals

OK, sorry I am a day late in getting this posted. Here are some of the deals I am taking advantage of this week. Remember, click on each stores ad picture to see the entire weeks advertisement.


Top Sirloin Steak $1.97 lb
Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks .99¢
Ground Beef 73% lean $1.59
Beef Boneless Chuck Roast $1.99
Pork Shoulder Roast .99¢
Clementine Tangerines $4.79 (5 lb Box)
Kiwi .25¢ each
Russet Potatoes (5 lb Bag) .99¢ (with in store coupon Sun, Mon & Tues Only & while supplies last)


Bananas .50¢ lb
Blueberries 4.4 oz $1.50
Blackberries 5.6 oz &1.50
Green Leaf Lettuce .77¢ each
Red Leaf Lettuce .77¢ each
Honeydew Melons .50¢ lb
Broccoli Crowns .77¢ lb
Mangos .50¢ each
Russet Potatoes 3 lbs for $1.00
Yellow Onions 3 lbs for $1.00
Cauliflower .77¢ each
Pears (D'Anjou Bosc, Bartlett or Red) .77¢ lb


Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.97 lb
London Broil $1.99 lb
Boneless Beef Top Round Roast $2.29 lb
Pork Chops $1.67 lb
Foster Farm Fresh Whole Chicken $1.29 lb
Large Raw Shrimp $4.99 lb (Save 7.00 lb)
Gala Apples .79¢ lb
Fuji Apples .79¢ lb
Grapefruit 3 for $1.00
Raspberries 12 oz $5.99 each
Blackberries 12 oz $5.99 each
Baby Carrots 1 lb bag $1.00 each
Extra Large Russet Potatoes .88¢ lb
Jumbo Yellow Onions .50¢ lb


Boneless Beef Chuck Roast $3.99 lb
Cross Rib Roast $3.99 lb
Chicken Breasts (Bone-in) .99¢ lb
Green Cabbage .50¢ lb
Seedless Navel Oranges 50¢ lb
Smirnoff Vodka (LOL For Pie Crusts!!!) $14.99 1.75 liter (1.75 ltr will last a lifetime!!!!)


Beef Chuck Chuck Roast $2.99 lb
Tri-Tip Roast $2.99 lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99 lb
Red Seedless Grapes $1.29 lb
Large Eggs (1 dozen with coupon) $1.29 (Limit 1 with Coupon)
Pineapple .99¢ lb
Bananas .70¢ lb