Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This weeks bargains (May 21 - May 27, 2008)

OK, here are some great deals this week. With Memorial coming up, you usually find great deals on Bar-B-Que type meats. Also, good deals on sodas and produce are usually better this week also. So let's see what is on sale.


Pork Spareribs .99¢ lb
Whole Chicken .69¢ lb
Chicken Half Breasts with Ribs Attached $1.29 lb. Buy these instead of boneless/skinless and SAVE!!! They also taste better.
Rib-Eye Steak $3.99 lb (That's over $3.00 off) Rib-eye at this price is a great deal.
Sirloin Steak $2.89
Blueberries 2 for $3.00. Great Price and good in pancakes and muffins.
Pepsi Products 5 for $11.00
7 UP Products 4 for $10.00
Coca-Cola Products 5 for $13.00


New York Steak $3.49 lb. That's $5.50 savings
Chicken Breasts Bone In $.99¢ lb
Coca-Cola, Pepsi and/or 7 Up Products 5 for $10.00


If you spend $40.00 or more on participating products at Von's you will receive 2 free movie tickets valid 5/7 - 6/10
Pork Spareribs $1.00 lb
Sweet White Corn On The Cob 4 for $1.00


Rib-Eye Steaks $3.99 lb
White Corn On The Cob 4 for $1.00
Best Food Mayonnaise $1.99 (Great Bargain)
Fresh Raspberries $2.99 (Lowest I Have Seen This Year at Von's They Are $3.99)


Corn On The Cob 5 for $1.00
Strawberries .99¢ for 16oz Pkg
Red, Green, or Romaine Lettuce only .49¢ each
Haas Avocados .79¢ each

Cherries are coming into season so most places have the for $2.99. A great snack for kids. Try this trick. Put them in the freezer and serve them to the family when they get home. They will love them!!! Plus, they're healthy!!!

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